Wednesday, June 8, 2011

LAPTOP HIPHOP from the ANTI EXCLUSIVE album. produced by n.e.s.


CHERISH THE DAY by N.E.S. pro blk music 2011

What's In a Name?

N.E.S. is Narada el Sol (Sanskrit name : Naara = Wisdom + Da = Giver) named after the spiritual energy of Narada Muni, the nomadic traveling sage from the Hindu tradition who traversed the world singing hymns and playing music on his vina everywhere he traveled in his effort to show and promote devotion to the Divine.
Historically, Narada was able to travel distant lands in the material and spiritual worlds without restriction, in an effort to discover the culture and welfare of people everywhere, while simultaneously allowing his personal experience to transform the mundane existence into the exalted, through exploring the pastimes and features of the Godhead. This way of living gave Narada eternal life, unlimited knowledge and unfathomed bliss which he speaks through his music, leading souls to salvation throughout the Universe .
N.E.S. career in music began in his basement where he practiced DJ'ing at the age of 14. Self taught on the 1’s and 2’s, he discovered a love for the music, which led him to the path of a producer.
Learning from brother Rico of Ming Dynasty Records, N.E.S. has been rappin’ since age 6. Together they performed at block parties; re-enacting Big Daddy Kane dance moves and winning any and every contest possible!
As a DJ, N.E.S.’s first residency was at a legendary Chicago spot, Essence of Life, which was considered in many circles to be the 'Black Lily' of Chicago. It was in this spot that N.E.S. hooked up with the UNI crew (Drunken Monkeee, Pyro, 360 of the jazz ensemble Hypnotic, Kendall J. Smith and the rest), as well as other Chicago up and coming artists who still impact Chicago hip hop and it's growth today.
The exposure from the Essence of Life experience opened up the opportunity to become a member of the NUETRONS and USUALL SUSPECTZ, and to establish himself as an emcee and producer. This is also where he carved his niche as an engineer.
As a member of NUETRONS and USUALL SUSPECTZ, N.E.S. has toured nationwide in over 300 shows with the likes of Supernatural, Slightly Stoopid, KRS-ONE, The Clipse, Twista, Dead Prez, Malik Yusef, Tekitha, Cappadonna, Kool Herc and others…
While pursing his career in music, N.E.S. attended the Institute of Audio Research in New York City to receive his certificate in Sound Engineering in efforts to perfect his skills.
Not only a music professional, N.E.S. also developed Beat Shoppers, an after-school program for inner-city Chicago youth ages 13 – 18 designed to educate today’s youth on the history of Hip Hop and how to utilize the culture positively. Beat Shoppers provides several teaching programs including (but not limited to): Producing, Song Writing, Performance, the Business of Music and How to DJ.
Practice Self, Do for Self, and What Would Jesus Play? were considered all classics and before their time. Now with three solo projects under his belt along with a few mix-tape compilations with artist such as Cappadonna of WU TANG (NY Chi) and Viva Fidel (ANTI EXCLUSIVE), N.E.S. released two more solo installments of his independent career late 2009, “House of the Rising Sun” and then “I SPEAK UNIVERSOL” IN 2010, another high impact album.
Next UP: Check for N.E.S.’s new project titled “WHEN LIFE GIVES U LEMONS” set to drop late 2011 early 2012.
Time Changes, It’s All Growth & Development.